Lee Holmes in-store new book launch

Gut Guru Lee Holmes will be hosting the launch of her new book “Fast Your Way To Wellness” at Kiah Organic & Wholefood Warehouse on Thursday February 9th from 5:00pm – 7:00pm.

Lee’s book covers the well documented health benefits of intermittent fasting (a philosophy that Lee herself uses). The book extends upon knowledge from Lee’s first book “Heal Your Gut”, and includes essential facts, info and tools to help you thrive on this lifestyle plan, while simultaneously improving your gut health and losing weight!!

Lee has created 90 new and delicious recipes, drawing upon experience as a yoga and meditation teacher, holistic nutritionist, wholefood chef, author, and healthy eating expert for Lifestyle Food channel!

The team at Kiah are so excited to welcome the gut health guru, and invite you to join us in celebrating her new book. Lee will also be whipping up her “Heal Your Gut Lassi” on the night, a recipe featured in “Fast Your Way To Wellness”..

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