Gelatin Health Pet Care Collagen 250g

Gelatin Health Pet Care Collagen 250g

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Osteoarthritis affects more than 20% of dogs more than one year old. 

Treatments for this condition are scarce and most focus on anti-inflammatory effects. 

Many of these have side effects. 

Collagen in known for its anti-inflammatory properties and stimulating effects. 

People generally notice a positive effect at about 3 weeks. 

Try your pet on Pet Care for 4 weeks. 

Observe your pet during this time for changes in motion. 

 It’s hard to get feedback from pets, so you the owner will be the best judge of the effect. 

Pet Care has beneficial effects on mobility in dogs and contributes generally to the maintenance of joint health, preserving and increasing mobility and quality of life.

In Elderly Animals it increases activity, helps improve mobility and flexibility and elevates the quality of life by helping to reduce inflammation and discomfort in the joints. 

Contains ZERO: Fat, cholesterol, additives, colorants, synthetic aromas.

100% Beef Collagen derived from Gelatin

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