Mindful Foods Birchia Paleo Prebiotic Muesli 500g

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Birchia has been crafted to provide a high-fibre boost to your all-important gut bacteria.

A delicious, super healthy versatile blend that can be made into a bircher muesli, a warming porridge, added to smoothies, or sprinkled on yoghurt.

Soaking overnight with a tsp of yoghurt will cultivate a bowl-full of probiotic goodness that your belly will love!

For 1 serve:
Mix 1 cup Birchia with 1/3 cup of your preferred milk/juice.
Leave covered in the fridge overnight (Or minimum 15 mins)
Add a tsp of yoghurt or a probiotic capsule before soaking to increase good gut flora!

Serve hot or cold, with fruit, honey, yoghurt, or anything you fancy.

Activated foods are easier to digest, are more nutrient-rich (bio-available), and delectably crunchy.

Kept fresh in attractive, pantry-worthy glass jars and earth-friendly compostable bags, Mindful Foods have gone to the Nth degree to ensure utmost quality, nutrition, and environment consideration.

Activated nuts & seeds (buckwheat^, almonds^, pepitas^, pecans^), rolled white quinoa^, black chia seed^, cranberries^(sweetened with apple juice*), coconut chips^, golden linseed^, raw macadamias^, ginger^, cinnamon^, nutmeg^, maca powder^

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