Mindful Foods Organic & Activated Chocolate Davidson Plum Clusters 200g

Mindful Foods Organic & Activated Chocolate Davidson Plum Clusters 200g

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These delicious clusters of goodness are our answer to those moments when you just want something sweet, crunchy and delicious to munch on! 

Next time you find yourself wanting to put your hand in the cookie jar, choose a healthier option, and put your hand in this bag instead! 

This cookie-like cluster of organic and activated nuts, seeds, coconut, berries and vegan chocolate will surely satisfy! 

Also great used as: 
– Smoothie bowl toppers
– Breakfast clusters
– Snacking and noshing 

In order to make the nutrients as available & digestible as possible, we soak our nuts & seeds in a cultured & PH controlled solution in order to activate dormant nutrients.

Kombucha-activated nuts & seeds (walnuts** buckwheat** pecans ** pepitas*) activated nut butter (almonds** brazil nuts* cashews* hazelnuts* pecans** walnuts**) raw macadamias** maple syrup* cacao liquor* puffed sorghum* dates* coconut* uncontaminated gluten friendly oats** raspberries* cherries* davidson plum* cacao powder* cinnamon* ginger* cacao nibs*vanilla* nutmeg* rock salt*
*=Certified organic ingredient; **=Australian grown;

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