Tips for staying on track these holidays

Tips for staying on track these holidays

The silly season is well and truly in full swing, which means that for many of us our weekends are quickly filling with barbeques, parties, catch-ups and drinks with plenty of opportunities to eat, drink and be merry with our loved ones.

For some people at this time of the year our goals go out the window, we eat and drink more than we intended and we’re consuming more of the foods we wouldn’t usually have. For others, Christmas can cause stress as they restrict or deny their favourite foods and worry if they can’t control everything on their plate. Healthy eating includes developing a healthy relationship with food and recognising how foods with different nutritional values can fit into our diet. If either of those scenarios sound familiar, I have some tips to help make better choices and make this Christmas your most fulfilling yet.


  • Continue healthy habits;

Practicing daily healthy habits will keep you feeling your best throughout this busy period. Aiming for a balanced breakfast to start the day, lunches and dinner with plenty of veggies and drinking enough water helps to keep you on track.


  • Enjoy your favourite treats in moderation;

Have your cake and eat it too (without feelings of guilt or shame)! Practising self-control without deprivation is the best way to enjoy your favourite foods without over-indulging or binging later on.


  • Have a plan;

Look over your calendar and see which events you might like to enjoy a bit of the food and drinks on offer, and which ones you can keep it a bit lighter. Knowing that there will be opportunities to enjoy celebrations makes it easier to keep a balanced approach.


  • Be picky;

Rather than loading up your plate with deep fried canapes or cheap chips and dip, choose good quality indulgences to savour like a beautiful cheese or homemade tapas.


  • Sharing is caring;

Share the Christmas spirit (and your treats!). Indulgent Christmas foods, gifts of chocolate and alcohol, enjoying these with family and friends means that no one has to miss out.


  • Drink responsibly;

Overdoing it on alcohol can contribute to extra weight gain and make us feel sluggish. Swapping from sweet mixers to soda water-based drinks, staying hydrated and spacing out drinks can help you keep in control.


  • Practice self-care;

Take some time to focus on yourself and de-stress. The holidays can be one of the busiest times of the year, so it’s important to plan time to take care of yourself too.

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