Tips on reducing food waste

Tips on reducing food waste


  • Plan your shopping list
    Does frantically dashing to the shops after work to find something for dinner sound familiar? Do you find bits and pieces of ingredients at the bottom of the fridge every week? Setting aside some time to plan some key meals for the week and making a shopping list can make a big impact on household waste (and save some stress!). You can check out our Meal Plan here!
  • Shop for local and seasonal produce
    Fruit and veg that are in season are fresher, more nutritious and are more energy efficient in production than those out of season. Although we’re fortunate to have an abundance of foods available year round due to advances in technology, choosing foods available in the season they would be traditionally grown is a delicious was to help reduce waste.
  • Get prepping
    Over 20% of the total household rubbish generated in Brisbane is food waste, which means that 1 in every 5 of the foods on our shopping list is being thrown in the bin! By storing food appropriately we can make it last longer and get more on our plate.
  • Love leftovers
    Reducing food waste can be as easy as keeping the skin on fruit and veg, popping wilted greens in cold water to freshen up, and toasting bread crusts for mini pizza bases. Roasting leftover veg and freezing fruit to blend into smoothies are other great ways to use produce that may be past its prime.


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