Naturopath Steph

What is Naturopathy and how can it help you?

Naturopathy is a modality of health care which focuses strongly on preventative medicine. We believe the individual in front of us should be assessed holistically therefore we use thorough questioning of all body systems to achieve this. We strive for a deep understanding of each body system and how they are interrelated and can collectively impact your health and wellbeing. Naturopaths draw on both scientific literature and traditional knowledge to create a treatment plan that is right for you. Our therapeutic tools may involve a combination of nutrition, diet and lifestyle advice, herbal preparations and functional testing to assist our clients to take charge of their health and continual wellbeing.

About our Naturopath Steph

Stephanie is a Naturopath and Nutritionist skilled in supporting men and women to understand the underlying cause for their health conditions and helping them to make the changes in their diet, lifestyle, and mindset to live a richer life, disease free.  In her consultations, Steph uses several naturopathic evaluative tools, as well as functional testing to determine the underlying cause for ill health.  By determining the underlying triggers, and working on correcting these, the symptoms of disease can be corrected at the root, resulting in lasting, positive results and more fulfilled, vibrant life.

Steph holds advanced diplomas in Naturopathy and Nutritional Medicine and graduated with distinction from the Bachelor of Health Science offered by Charles Sturt University.  She is a passionate hiker and finds joy in supporting others to get out into nature.

Steph Specialises In;

Stress & Burnout
Adrenal Fatigue
Mental Health
Thyroid Function
Menstrual Health
Sleep Assistance
Digestive Health
Hormonal Imbalance
Children & Teens Nutritional Health
Food Intolerances

What to expect during a Naturopathic consultation

Initial consultation

Duration – 1 hour (depending on the complexity of the case)
Thorough case questioning of all body systems relating to presenting complaint/s
Dietary and lifestyle assessment
Physical examinations where necessary including tongue and nail analysis, blood pressure reading and palpation if necessary
Creation of a therapeutic treatment plan which may contain diet advice, lifestyle education and nutritional & herbal supplements/preparations.

Follow up consultation

Duration – 30 mins
Review of presenting complaint/s
Review of therapeutic treatment plan and therapies prescribed
Creating an updated therapeutic treatment plan


Initial consultation (1 hour) – $128
Follow up consultation (30 mins) – $98


To book a consultation with our naturopath you can talk to us in store or call us on (07) 3128 2260.

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