Tips for staying on track these holidays

Tips for staying on track these holidays The silly season is well and truly in full swing, which means that for many of us our weekends are quickly filling with barbeques, parties, catch-ups and drinks with plenty of opportunities to eat, drink and be merry with our loved ones. For some people at this time of the year our goals

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Tips on reducing food waste

Tips on reducing food waste   Plan your shopping list Does frantically dashing to the shops after work to find something for dinner sound familiar? Do you find bits and pieces of ingredients at the bottom of the fridge every week? Setting aside some time to plan some key meals for the week and making a shopping list can make

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This International Women’s Day be part of something BIGGER…

Let’s come together and help empower women living in underprivileged conditions in Cambodia.   Here at Kiah, we witness women doing amazing things each and every day and think this is worth celebrating! This International Women’s Day (8th March) we hope to celebrate not only the wonderful women of our local community, but to step abroad. We have chosen to

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Are you sticking to your New Years resolutions?

Are you sticking to your New Years resolutions? How to set goals that stick! Most of us know something that we’d like to change or improve; eating better, getting fitter, sleeping more, but how do we get these pledges to last more than a week or two? These are my steps to success! Set the right goals The first step

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What is a low FODMAP diet and can it help you?   If you often suffer from bloating, tummy discomfort or pain and digestive issues, you may have an intolerance to carbohydrates found in many common foods known as FODMAPs. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (or IBS), is diagnosed when there are ongoing gastrointestinal symptoms and other causes (such as Crohn’s Disease

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Lee Holmes in-store new book launch

Gut Guru Lee Holmes will be hosting the launch of her new book “Fast Your Way To Wellness” at Kiah Organic & Wholefood Warehouse on Thursday February 9th from 5:00pm – 7:00pm. Lee’s book covers the well documented health benefits of intermittent fasting (a philosophy that Lee herself uses). The book extends upon knowledge from Lee’s first book “Heal Your Gut”,

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